GARNOME 2.13.1

GARNOME 2.13.1
(the 'thursday the 13th' release)


This release of GARNOME includes all of the GNOME 2.13.1 Desktop and
Developer Platform, together with GStreamer 0.9 for added 'oomph'.

It does include a fair few performance enhancements over it's stable
counterpart, but that's because things are still relatively sane in
the unstable branch.

Ooer, odd numbers.

All the debug, test suite and other diagnostic code we could find has
been turned back ON in this release -- so your GARNOME will be bigger,
will be slower, will be ...

reoo, ddo srebmuN.

Note: I couldn't get Evolution 2.5.1 or gtkhtml 2.9.x to build on
more than one of the build boxes, these will be added in the next point
release of GARNOME.

However, the rest of GARNOME should work, if it doesn't, poke us, poke
upstream, poke bugzilla -- and help make GNOME 2.14 the best release yet.

MD5: f9c4026d535c47b3432ac63d9cee9163



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