Re: garnome 2.10.0 compile issues on Solaris 8

--On Tuesday, March 15, 2005 12:05:00 -0800 Eugene Bradley <ebradley synopsys COM> wrote:

I am trying to build garnome 2.10 for my developers on
Solaris 8 for testing.  We wish to stop using (slow) CDE
for development work and wish to use GNOME instead.
I figured garnome would ease the installation of the
gnome 2.10 desktop.  I was wrong. :(

I notice also that the README does not mention Solaris.
Is it because garnome 2.10 will not work on Solaris at

I have enclosed the error output from "make paranoid-install"
below.  Can someone knowledgable with garnome 2.10 on Solaris
8 please assist me on this issue?  This is my first time
installing open source software for Solaris after nearly
four years working on Red Hat.  Thank you. :)

Garnome makes _many_ assumptions about your environment. Some of those assumptions are:

- tar is GNU tar
- patch is GNU patch
- grep is GNU grep
- cp is GNU cp (no, I'm not kidding)
- SHELL used by make is POSIX (e.g. bash)

The latest 2.10 makefiles allow you to set the paths for at least some of these, the 2.9.x and previous versions did not. The easiest way to work around this (without hacking the make files) is to:

- mkdir /tmp/garbin
- copy/symlink the GNU versions of the binaries above into /tmp/garbin
- Add /tmp/garbin to the beginning of your PATH

I also recommend setting LD_RUN_PATH to the garnome lib dir, so apps run properly without hacking LD_LIBRARY_PATH at run time.

Be aware that you'll probably need to install a _lot_ of stuff from bootstrap.

Good luck - I have built previous versions on Solaris x86, but haven't tried 2.10 yet.


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