garnome-2.11-20050616.1615: building ./mono/*

I have successfully built all of the applications in ./mono.

I have upgraded to the latest available versions,

        mono: 		1.1.7
        monodoc:	1.0.7                 <<=== updated version
        monodevelop:	0.7                   <<=== updated version
        gecko-sharp1.0: 0.6                   <<=== renamed directory
        gecko-sharp2.0:	2.0-0.10              <<=== NEW
        gtk-sharp1.0:	1.0.10                <<=== updated version
        gtk-sharp2.0:	1.9.5                 <<=== updated version
        gtksourceview-sharp1.0: 0.5           <<=== renamed directory
        gtksourceview-sharp2.0:	2.0-0.10      <<=== NEW
        evolution-sharp: 0.6
        f-spot:		0.0.13
        muine:		0.8.3
        tomboy:		0.3.2

adding two additional "version 2" applications to satisfy dependencies. 

The attached zip file contains the two new Makefiles plus eight modified

See the dog run...


joseph_sacco [at] comcast [dot] net

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