Re: [NON-WORKING PATCH] gar.fixups

> Hey Bob,
> (cc'ing Guenther for my records, but don't bother answering until after
> you've aced your exam man :))
> I've put the gar.{lib}.mk patch I was telling you about on the FTP site,
> if you can explain to me why it doesn't do what it should do, you're a
> genius ... because i've spent three hours on it, and i've got the
> feeling i've missed something really really simple, but ... more eyes
> would help a lot :)
> Basically, the intention is to run libtoolize or intltoolize from
> directly, depending on the prerequisite file being there, eg.
> if desktop/control-center ships with a broken intltool and the libtool
> linking bug, the fixup-% command regenerates both files from our
> intltool and libtool.
> But it doesn't, all it does is tell me the function is completed.
> The order is now:
> * extract
> * patch (if required)
> * fixup (if required) [added]
> * configure
> * build
> * install
> ...because (as I said to you via IRC) the re-{lib/intl}toolizing has to
> be done before configure runs, otherwise the has the
> ability to regenerate the files on it's own using the system-based
> files.
> If we can get this going before 2.10, i'd be thrilled -- because it'd
> close a number of bugs i'm monitoring upstream, a number of GARNOME
> bugs, and stop people who's systems include .la files from complaining
> about linking errors ... all without having to have a "pre-configure:"
> rule in every bloody Makefile.
> As I said, I have a feeling i've missed something really simple, but ...

It's usually always something simple. :)

Did you add:


to your desktop/control-center/Makefile?

Also, shouldn't that be intltool-update instead of


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