Beagle: Things I have learned trying to make the dog hunt

Beagle has a number of requirements that need to be satisfied in order
to get it to build.  The beagle WIKI is a useful source of information:

* dbus-sharp
Beagle requires a version of dbus with mono support enabled. If beagle
is to be built, dbus must be rebuilt

        CONFIGURE_ARGS = $(DIRPATHS) --enable-glib --with-xml=libxml \
* gmime
Beagle requires gmime, which does not exist in the garnone tree. I set
up a directory under platform, created a Makefile,

        GARNAME = gmime
        GARVERSION = 2.1.12
        CATEGORIES = platform
        MASTER_SITES =
        LIBDEPS= mono/mono mono/gtk-sharp
        DESCRIPTION = gmime
        define BLURB
        #FIXME: blurb goes here
        CONFIGURE_SCRIPTS = $(WORKSRC)/configure
        BUILD_SCRIPTS = $(WORKSRC)/Makefile
        INSTALL_SCRIPTS = $(WORKSRC)/Makefile
        include ../

generated a checksum, and rolled on.

* epiphany
The configure file in beagle-0.5 hunts around for epiphany-1.2. It
unfortunately finds the gnome-2.6 version YDL-4 installed under /usr. 

Maybe it will work with epiphany 1.5.6. We'll see....I modified the
configure file to hunt for version 1.5 and got a surprise.

Garnome-2.9.91 builds and installs epiphany-1.5.6 with a slight twist

- the tar ball is version 1.5.6
- binary is installed under /opt/garnome/bin
- include files are installed under /opt/garnome/include/epiphany-1.5
- package config file is installed as


Why is that???

* wsdl
wsdl ocasionally generates a SIGKILL

        cd beagle/Util
        wsdl -namespace:Beagle.Util -out:GoogleSearch.cs
        Mono Web Services Description Language Utility
        Error: SIGILL

If the command is rerun N times, the error is produced P times,

	where P << N.


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