Python and libxml2

Dear Gentleman,

I'm now having the following issue with the xml2po program:

if ! test -d de/; then mkdir de/; fi
if test -f "C/clock.xml"; then d="../"; else d=".././"; fi; \
(cd de/ && \
 `which xml2po` -e -p \
   ${d}de/de.po \
   ${d}C/clock.xml > clock.xml.tmp && \
   cp clock.xml.tmp clock.xml && rm -f clock.xml.tmp)
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/test/garnome3/bin/xml2po", line 34, in ?
   import libxml2
ImportError: No module named libxml2

It seems that I'm missing python libxml2 stuff. I just don't know where to get this or how to compile this into python. I've been seraching the web but can't find anything usefull :-( as of yet.



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