[Bug 127821] - gnome-settings-daemon crash on login


------- Additional Comments From vix vazka sk  2004-03-26 02:59 -------
So, again.
I've mate some tests. libxklavier was compiled
--with-xkb-base=/usr/openwin/lib/X11/xkb. I've also tried --without-xkb-base,
which off-course does not work.
The XKB extension CAN be enabled on Sun's Xserver, but it CAN NOT be enabled on
Sun Rays. As I'm trying this on Sun Rays, can't continue test :(

Is there any way to bypass libxklavier (do not compile it) or is it a "must" for
GNOME to work? (in the Gnome 2.4.x there was no such library). Any other advices
to get it start correctly?

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