[Bug 136867] Changed - child-test is still hanging


------- Additional Comments From Jonas Jonsson alcesys se  2004-03-15 04:43 -------
>And in 
> g_child_watch_prepare
> g_child_watch_check
> g_child_watch_dispatch
> g_printerr ("prepare: Checking for %d, counts = %d\n",
>             ((GChildWatchSource *)source)->pid,
>             ((GChildWatchSource *)source)->count,
>              child_watch_count, 
>(Same for check and dispatch, but with check:, dispatch: instead)

No, I couldn't add this.  GChildWatchSource doesn't have a count
attribute (at least in my glib-2.3.6 tar-ball) and 'child_watch_count'
is totally unknown to my compiler.  Should it be a gint?  Where should
I initiate the variable, where should it be increased/decreased etc?
Should there be something after child_watch_count in the g_printerr()
call, I assumed no -> will g_printerr() handle the extra argument,
there's only formatting for two of them?

Would really like to get this going on HP-UX, but I'm afraid I can't
put down the amount of time needed, I might be able to put in half an
hour here, half an hour there .....

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