Re: Build error on vte... (gentoo temp fix)

   For those of you with this problem and gentoo I came up with a
temporary fix for the problem.  I realized that gentoo already had the
same version of vte installed as the garnome kit.  So I just moved the
vte directory from desktop/ to broken/ and removed the desktop/vte
dependency from gnome-terminal/Makefile.  Restarted the build and
everything went fine. Your mileage may vary but it worked for me....

richard ferguson

On 3/13/2004, "Bob Kashani" <bobk ocf berkeley edu> wrote:

>Pat and Richard:
>This seems to be a regression of a bug that was in libtool a while back.
>I remember having this problem on RH7.3. Either try upgrading to the
>latest version of libtool or if you're already running the latest, roll
>back to the previous version.
>See if that helps.
>On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 09:31, Pat Suwalski wrote:
>> Richard Ferguson wrote:
>> > Pat,
>> >   Are you buy change running gentoo?  I found someone else on IRC that
>> > has the same problem, and we both run gentoo... just tyring to find some
>> > common ground.
>> Ditto.
>> I have no clue how that would make a difference, other than gcc-3.3
>> being standard. Though I suppose jdub tested that (I believe he uses
>> Debian unstable, correct me if I'm wrong).
>> So Gentoo is the common factor. But what of it?
>> --Pat
>Bob Kashani
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