Re: The Garnome Home Page

> The garnome-download page says nothing about stable versions - just to 
> "grab the latest release" .... well, OK!

Hopefully that'll be fixed / updated when 2.6.0 arrives.

Although, to be fair to Jeff -- GARNOME started off as a testbed for
development software, which is pretty dangerous in the hands of the
uneducated sometimes.  It was only when I started to use GARNOME to
upgrade boxes that had really, really old versions of GNOME that the
idea of a 'stable version' came about.

> It then says you need a sane GNU tool chain .... well, I HOPE I got 
> that. How do I know? Am I sane enough to tell?

Maybe that should discuss a compiler being installed, if it said:

"You need the ability to compile your own software"

Would that translate into newbies-speak (presuming they were running Red
Hat for this example) as: "I need to tick the 'Development' box at

> It then lists some basic libraries you need and says you probably 
> already got them.
> How do I find out? If I don't have something how do I get it? Do I 

The references on the GARNOME page are quite Debian specific, i've
(personally) always thought that just calling things 'libpng', etc would
be simpler for newer users.

> It also says something about meta/gnome-desktop. Where is this directory?
> (I seem to recall garnome had a meta directory back around .24 or something)

The reference to meta/ directories has been obseleted now -- and should
be removed.

> CAQ (Constantly Asked Questions)

If you look at the README in the 2.4.2 release, i've gone through and
updated some of the benchmarks -- but the questions you have listed
below have been asked on the mailing list _so often_ that they deserve
inclusion too.

> and it'd be a shame to lose new users just because it starts to look 
> scary. I know garnome says it's for testers & tweakers, but is 
> sending lots of people here for the new GNOME who AREN'T testers and 
> tweasers (sic).


> Sorry for the long email - thanks for listening :)

Thanks for giving me some more good ideas on how to improve GARNOME for
the masses :)



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