[Bug 136867] - child-test is still hanging

glib | general | Ver: 2.3.x

------- Additional Comments From archana shah wipro com  2004-08-04 01:33 -------
This is happening on Solaris also. There gnome-terminal does not exit because
SIGCHLD is emitted only once. So only one window gets closed when we say 'exit'
and rest all just hang. We can have two solutions for this, either of them fixes
this bug.

One solution is to use sigaction instead of signal. 
Here is the change:

 g_child_watch_source_init_multi_threaded (void)
   GError *error = NULL;
+  struct sigaction action;

   g_assert (g_thread_supported());

@@ -3630,7 +3631,10 @@ g_child_watch_source_init_multi_threaded
   if (g_thread_create (child_watch_helper_thread, NULL, FALSE, &error) == NULL)
    g_error ("Cannot create a thread to monitor child exit status: %s\n",
   child_watch_init_state = CHILD_WATCH_INITIALIZED_THREADED;
-  signal (SIGCHLD, g_child_watch_signal_handler);
+  action.sa_handler = g_child_watch_signal_handler ;
+  sigemptyset (&action.sa_mask);
+  action.sa_flags = SA_RESTART | SA_NOCLDSTOP;
+  sigaction (SIGCHLD, &action, NULL);

Other solution is to re-install signal every time it is caught. For this the
change that has to be mads is :

@@ -3551,6 +3551,8 @@ g_child_watch_signal_handler (int signum
   child_watch_count ++;

+  signal (SIGCHLD, g_child_watch_signal_handler);
   if (child_watch_init_state == CHILD_WATCH_INITIALIZED_THREADED)
       write (child_watch_wake_up_pipe[1], "B", 1);

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