Re: evolution needs libplds4 in garnome 2.6.2

On Pi, 2004-08-20 at 11:12, Ernesto Jardim wrote:
> Hi,
> My evolution won't start because it does not find libplds4 which is in
> GNOME2_PATH/lib/mozilla-1.7. How can I solve this and where should I
> hack garnome to build evolution properly next time ?

You can use my startup script for Garnome (using Moz 1.7)

grep LD_LIBRARY_PARY /opt/BGSgnome-2.6.2/bin/garnome-session

Notice the $GARNOME/lib/mozilla-1.7 entry, this should work for you.
Please add it to your garnome-session. The rest of the line is hacked
from Jeffs original script and updated for Solaris.

  Ing. Ivan Noris
  System engineer, Business Global Systems, a.s.
  info & public key:
  "Semper cautus - semper paratus - semper idem Vix."

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