Re: another and maybe silly question

Dear Rachid,

This task at the moment is done by Jeff. The founder of this distribution for the bleeding edge gnome build system. Unfortunatly he is a very busy man and doesn't always have the time to update garnome.

I usualy tend to update the distribution myself heavily and then when it works I will give my findings to Jeff and the list for addition in the mainstream realease. I don't include gnome updates that are located on as Jeff knows quicker then I do when they are released.

I hope this answers your question,


ZAROUALI Rachid wrote:

is there a way to get the latest package for gnome 2.7 using garnome ?
i'll explain:
what i think is , is it possible in some way that garnome connect the
ftp and automatically get the latest package available and then install
it ?

here is an example :
in the garnome i have , epiphany package is the 1.3.3, if the package
1.3.4 is available, can garnome update his files automatically , then
download all needed packages and so make a paranoid-install ?

i don't know if i am clear

if not let me know ;)

thanks for you help


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