Re: Error compiling garnome-nightly (from August 8)

On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 20:04:40 -0400
Eugene Marcotte <mrpicalo skyflux com> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone else came across this, I didn't see anything about control-center and mime types in the archives, but have seen some stuff on mime issue-- maybe this is related?

> /home/eugene/Work/garnome-nightly/desktop/control-center/work/main.d/control-center-2.6.1/capplets/file-types/model-entry.c:203: undefined reference to `gnome_vfs_mime_registered_mime_type_delete'
> mime-type-info.o(.text+0x2f5): In function `load_all_mime_types':
> /home/eugene/Work/garnome-nightly/desktop/control-center/work/main.d/control-center-2.6.1/capplets/file-types/mime-type-info.c:158: undefined reference to `gnome_vfs_get_registered_mime_types'
> mime-type-info.o(.text+0x721): In function `mime_type_info_save':
> /home/eugene/Work/garnome-nightly/desktop/control-center/work/main.d/control-center-2.6.1/capplets/file-types/mime-type-info.c:345: undefined reference to `gnome_vfs_mime_set_extensions_list'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make[6]: *** [gnome-file-types-properties] Error 1


> See ya,
> Eugene

The fix is to upgrade gnome-vfs to 2.7.5, by changing to platform/gnome-vfs, editing the Makefile, then make clean, make makesums, make install.   Then make clean & install again in control-center, and you should be good.

See and ensuing thread, and

A wee hint for searching for these, use inurl:garnome-list in google ..'s search appears to be somewhat broken.  (Or atleast, it claims it's search index was last updated 2000-08-06)


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