Re: Problem when building garnome--timmy--2.6;x (gnome-panel)

Paul Drain <pd cipherfunk org> writes:

> oops!
> Fixed in --patch-28, i'd accidently committed an old patch which had
> gnome-applets copied over gnome-panel.
> My Bad.
> Paul
Ok, thx Paul ! 
So I made a tla update and rerun make paranoid-install after. for the
moment, the compilation runs again !

But I ask me, perhaps it can be source of problems to update the garnome
archive if the compilation is not terminated and to rerun the
compilation after that ? perhaps it will be source of conflicts between
versions ? I don't know but I'm sure someone here can explain me a
little more the tla archive principle or point me to a link ? And also
if for example I make an tla update after having compiled the whole
desktop and rerun make paranoid-install after the archive update, will
the compilation build only things that have been upgraded since the
preview compilation ?
Thx in advance for giving a little explanation and thx a lot again Paul
for the fix in gnome-panel directory.

best regards, 


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