Re: GCC 2.95 patches for Garnome 0.27.1 -- "undeclared" errors (w as Re: Failure on compile)

Hi Murray,

среда, 15. октобар 2003. 19:36:35 CEST - Murray Cumming Comneon com написа:
I hope that you have submitted these to the bugzilla modules for the
specific projects.

As far as I know, all of these are fixed in CVS. I didn't report anything about the redhat stuff, because I was lazy (shame on me), and because I don't really know where should I report it.

All the others which are in Gnome CVS are already reported and probably fixed (I know libcroco was fixed even at the time of Garnome 0.27.1, but there was no tarball with the fix).

Actually, I'll go and check again if all of these are fixed (or at least reported), now that you nagged me about it :-)


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