GARNOME 0.27.1 Patchset update

For those interested, i've posted another update of my patchset to
0.27.1 at:

The main additions and alterations since the first set (see:
for details) include:

* add-gnome-patches : includes a fix to mailcheck in gnome-applets due
to the lack of a suitable poll() implementation.

* fix-xlibs-build : updates the locations for all the xrender /
fontconfig code that people keep running into difficulties with

* update-gnome-garballs : combines the updates from gnome-desktop and
gnome-fifth-toe into one patch and updates atk, bonobo, ORBit and a
bunch of other packages to their latest stable incarnations.

* update-office-garballs : updates libgda/libgnomedb to 1.0.1 and
gnumeric to 1.2.1

* update-misc-garballs : now includes xine-1rc1 release, which seems to
build OK against ALSA 0.9.7

* evolution-fixes : includes various patches from Ximian's bugzilla,
including a fix for a crasher on stock Red Hat 9 boxes and the ability
to offline-sync *all* your mail folders.

* revert-linc : linc is now included in ORBit, and seems surplus to

Standard disclaimer applies: I have a working install running on a few
systems of various vintages locally - your milage may vary though :)



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