Re: gnome... after garnome

actually... for future reference... if you want to eased old 2.2 gnome stuff.. you can... just make sure that what you erase has a garnome counterpart.. erasing all of gnome is a bad idea... so if unsure... "which <command>" and see if its in the garnome dir... i almost erased some good stuff by mistake...


Jan Alonzo wrote:On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 04:41, eddie tejeda wrote:

debian sid:

is it safe to purge gnome-core (or all.. gnome) after i get garnome going...? im quite happy with the install and expect to keep using it.. instead of "old" gnome.. how much CAN i remove?

as long as it works for you why not? I tend to keep the library
dependencies so I can build garnome faster and less worries. YMMV.

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