Re: Garnome as a robust production environement ?

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:13:15 +0200
Superfrog <superfrog pandora be> wrote:

> I'd like to share ideas about getting a solid proper installation of
> Debian, with no gnome and no gnome software at all, only X, and
> recompile garnome-0.27 and use all this as my main productive
> environement.
>How serious that is ?

Depends on how serious you are :)
Garnome is a testing platform so there are some bugs. But if you are the only user of your main productive environment, you can do it. I don't think it is wise to run garnome in an evironment with untrained average users. Unless you like to be the hero who fixes everything :)

> How to have garnome run for different users ?
Create a .xsession file in all users home dir, or create some systemwide one (don't which file that should be, read some book on X11)
> How to maintain new version of softwares ?
Update the release number in the makefile of an program for which a new version is available and update it checksums file.

> Does really compiling ourself Gnome 2.4 improves speed ?
If you compare garnome build on a recent machine to an gnome version compiled for 586 or older on the same machine, probably yes, otherwise barely I think.


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