Re: Issues using garnome on Solaris x86

> - A general GNOME problem is that all the *-config systems fail to set 
> RPATH in their --libs output
> I've just manually hacked the *.pc files and *-config scripts to include a 
> -R for each -L. I really wish the GNOME folks didn't assume everyone will 
> hack their config or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH...

I fought that battle back in 2000 when I originally did some
porting work on Gnome for Solaris x86.   Despite putting
changes into the configure scripts so that the -R flags
would get propogated into config scripts, it was always an
uphill battle with folks who believe that global
configs or LD_LIBRARY_PATHs are appropriate.  The other big
problem for configure scripts is that mostly assume that
you have a LD_LIBRARY_PATH or config setup.

I can't count the number of times I had to configure like:
env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<path> .configure ... 
to get some software to configure properly.

It's just the cost of doing Solaris. :-)

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