Re: Garnome 0.22 and GARCHIVEDIR

Did you download the new gnome-2.2.1 packages into your GARCHIVEDIR?

0.21.0 uses gnome-2.2.0
0.22.0 uses gnome-2.2.1

GARCHIVEDIR works for me in 0.22.0...same as it was in 0.21.0.


From: Daniel Serodio <daniel checkforte com br>
To: Garnome List <garnome-list gnome org>
Subject: Garnome 0.22 and GARCHIVEDIR
Date: 17 Mar 2003 16:27:48 -0300

I edited and set GARCHIVEDIR to the same dir as my Garnome
0.21.2 used (/home/daniel/incoming/garnome), and when I try to 'make'
anything in the garnome tree, I get the following warnings:

../../ warning: overriding commands for target
../../ warning: ignoring old commands for target

And then it downloads the file again, ignoring that the file is already

Did GARCHIVEDIR behaviour changed between 0.21.2 and 0.22? Did I do
anything wrong? I don't want to re-download all the packages I already

Daniel Serodio

Daniel Serodio
CheckForte  5582-6016

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