Re: Problem building garnome 0.24.2 on Solaris 9 - HELP needed

Will do!... and thanks

Nick Moffitt wrote:
begin  Eric Damphousse  quotation:
 You either have to fix to use gpatch,
 >or symlink /usr/bin/gpatch to "some path/patch" such
 >that "some path" is in front of /usr/bin, which is
 >where the patch binary you're getting output from
 >is.  I assume you're trying to build on Solaris.

	Yeah, that's a likely culprit.  

First of all, make sure you install GNU patch.

Second, I'm assuming garnome 0.24.2 (242 sighting!) uses recent GAR,
which has the following at about line 204 of


	if this is so, then you can do:

make GARPATCH='/usr/bin/gpatch -d$(PATCHDIR) -p$(PATCHDIRLEVEL) -F$(PATCHDIRFUZZ)' install

and the patch rules will use the new patch utility.  Barring that,
just edit and swap in the location for GNU patch wherever
you have the system calling the raw "patch" executable.


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