Re: too much parameters to bison ?

begin  Dave Barry  quotation:
> Quothe Bastian Hoyer <hoyer reakktor com>, on Mon, Jan 20, 2003:
> > bison -d -v -p_gst_parse__yy grammar.y ../gstmarshal.h
> > bison: additional Operand >../gstmarshal.h<
> > >bison --help< gibt weitere Informationen.
> > make[8]: *** [] Fehler 1
> > 
> > I have bison 1.875 installed.

	The newer bison causes many problems.  The LNX-BBC project
solved this by simply including a bison package in our GAR tree and
making use of the BUILDDEPS feature.  The LNX-BBC actually builds its
own bison and then forces its use.

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