Owen Taylor's patch works (was Re: Tip: How to avoid fc-cache as root?)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
Excellent, thanks for looking into this. Red Hat have a patch for their

The one by Owen Taylor from January 15th did solve the problem for me:

fontconfig that supposedly fixes this - didn't for me. Perhaps you could
have a peek at it and check?

I don't know if this is the same patch you're talking about, but this one appears to work. It changes fontconfig a bit, but does mostly what it takes.

Of course, it modifies the libfontconfig, so it needs to be in path before any other libfontconfig (one without the patch), otherwise, no help.

I've yet to check if it would work correctly after one has already run "broken" fc-list (thus creating the file with ".dir" entries instead of ".fulldir"), but I guess it would.

So, anyone willing to give it a try (besides me), so to give a nice test, and see if it's ready for inclusion in GARNOME 0.20.1, and to remove the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and FAQ (Frequently Answered Question) from the list.

Sorry for the short reply, but I'm gearing up to leave for linux.conf.au
tomorrow. :-)

I'll be less attentive for the week, but I will have net access, so I might
be around.

Never mind, I'm just hoping you can check this for the time of next GARNOME release: you ain't be doing any releases from (way) over there, ain't you?

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