Re: gst-color plugin and nautilus

<quote who="Olivier Gu?ry">

> 	Garnome 0.20.0, seems to work well, as usual (;o) but  I still can't
> read mp3 files under nautilus. He complai about colorspace plugin. What
> lib am I supose to install ?


> 	I saw that there's a burning tool for nautilus, I wich I can tried it,
> but how can I launch it ?

You copy files to burn:/// and then run nautilus-cd-burner (there should be
a 'Burn CD' thingy on the tool bar and in the side pane).

> 	One oser question : Do you, other, can print with your mozilla built
> with garnome (he's beautiful with the xft fonts), and using java lugins
> ? (I tried to compile it with gcc 2.96 insted of 3.2 but no result).

No, printing is actually disabled in the GARNOME build... That's probably a
bad thing. Anyway, stop killing trees! :-)


- Jeff

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                            the best." - Unknown                            

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