Can't open Control panel

I have installed Garnome succesfully and began to use it. Suddenly when
I opened the controll panel I only got a long text file. The same
happened when I should open my home directory. Of some reason the files
where opened in "Galeon".
I tried another 2 other users on the PC and there where no problems for
them. I checked that the "most wanted applications" on the application
meny was the same (mozilla %s, gedit and Gnome Terminal). It seems to me
that the applications insist on using Galeon for me, but not for the
other users.
It seems to me that it started after my logon hanged completely used
after I got the Garnome-picture. It said then that it couldn't start the
"session manager". I had to restart the machine, but then I had no
problems with the logon.
Any idea what to do?
Thanks in advance.
Hamnes Aaberge <aaberge hamnes c2i net>

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