Re: GARNOME problem

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 17:17, Bers Noyon wrote:
> Hi, All.
> I would like to build Gnome2.1.91 from released
> tarballs of 2.1.91. 
> What should I do? Before, I didn't use it. I've
> unpacked the GARNOME 0.20. In my home dir. And
> downloaded the tarbals (with .bz2 format) to my
> "meta/gnome-desktop/download" and extracted. 
Which tarballs are these ? downloaded from gnome ftp ?
> Then I've typed 
> cd meta/gnome-desktop/
> make install
> but it wasn't succeed. (metacity was not found... bla
> bla ... ) What should I do?
If you are connected to the net, then the build script would
automatically download the reqd tarballs for you
If you have got all the tarballs / garballs for Garnome 0.20 then you
can put it in a directory (say ~/garchive) & change to point
GARCHIVE diectory to the above path (pl remember to uncomment the line

> If I want to build packages individually, I don't know
> the dependencies.
the beauty of garnome is that with a single make install, all the reqd
files are automatically downloaded & compiled for you. You really dont
need to bother much about these dependencies.

maybe you can also check out jhbuild to build the latest gnome from cvs
(it'll probably give you gnome 2.2 RC2 !)


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