garnome-0.28.3 and yellowdog-3.0.1


I've just finished getting garnome compiled on yellowdog-3.0.1

I did a developer install of yellowdog and still had to install a few
RPM's but mostly obvious stuff.  I also updated to netscape-1.4.1.

Everything built with the following exceptions.

1. I had the same problems with intltool and --without-croco that
occurred compiling on fedora.
2. gnome-games and epiphany didn't compile properly.  No biggy and if
someone wants to see the output I'd be happy to try and get it to them.

I haven't compiled too much else.  Totem went fine, but I realized that
the 'additional libraries' for running qt, wmv, rm, etc won't work due
to the ppc nature of the G4.

Just thought people might be interested.


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