A couple more issues with hacking-0.26.0

[To list-moderator: please throw away the message I sent from an
unsubscribed address with the same content. Thanks]

A few more things with hacking-0.26.0:

gftp: now at version 2.0.15rc2. 2.0.14 has been moved into the
old-releases directory on ftp://www.gftp.org/pub/gftp/

flink: the download site http://flink.leyman.nu does not seem to exist
anymore. Earlier I got redirected to some domain name reseller and now I
get an error message.

libtool: 1.4.3 hasn't been uploaded to the GNU ftp site yet after it had
been compromised.

net-rhythmbox: should be replaced with a rhytmbox garball with version
0.5.1 (a bit more obvious than the rest)


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