Re: rawhide redhat-artwork package

Ryan Quarry wrote:
All -

Not sure if anyone noticed but there is a nice looking update to redhat's
blucurve theme in rawhide at the moment. I spotted this @ but
the direct link is here:

I've tried to compile this with garnome but something is fishy with the
configure script finding my qt libs for some crazy reason. If anyone tries this
package and gets it to work, please send in some feedback!

Ryan Q.

Hi Ryan,

I was able to get this installed by installing an old version of gdk_pixbuf 0.14.0 worked for me.

Also I disabled building the kde and qt themes by editing the Makefile in


edit the line

SUBDIRS = tools cursor nautilus xmms gdm icon gtk metacity kde qt

change it to

SUBDIRS = tools cursor nautilus xmms gdm icon gtk metacity# kde qt

This worked for me.

Good Luck!


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