Re: garnome on mandrake

Check out my email on integrating gdm2 into Mandrake. It also explains
your needs.


ke, 25-09-2002 kello 15:45, Richard Bond kirjoitti:
> Greetings Garnomers,
> Thanks for your previous help. I decided to reinstall garnome this time to 
> /opt/garnome. It seems to be happy there with no error messages on 
> completion. Now  my question.
> I'm running Mandrake 8.2 on i686 - 791meg  processor - 512meg of RAM
> Can I have Garnome configured so that it is one of the choices in the menu of 
> the login screen as is KDE 2 -KDE 3 -GNOME 1.4 - ENLIGHTENMENT etc.
> If it's possible then "How do I do it?"
> If it's not possible then "What's the best way to run and use it?"
> Regards 
> Richard Bond.
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