Problems with installation of gnome-applets using garnome-0.17.0

After several attempts to install Gnome 2.0.2 with garnome 0.16.1 I
tried with 0.17.0. I've proved that all necessary libs and apps are
installed as listed on the garnome-homepage and had at this point of
installation about 1.6GB free hdd-space, but got the

In file includes from porperties.c:39:
/usr/inlude/apm.h:69: parse error before *
/usr/include/apm.h:69:warning: data definition has no type or storage
make [4]: *** [proerties.o] error 1
make [4]: leaving directory
make[3]: *** [al-recursive] error 1
make[3]: leaving directory
make [2] *** [all-recursive] error 2
make[2]: leaving directory >>
make *** [all-reccursive-am] error 2
make[1]: leaving directory
make: *** [] error 2

Can someone help me to understand this error-mesage and perhaps give me
some information on how to solve the problem?

Many thanks in advance.


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