Re: GARNOME 0.16.0: more statistics on compile

The compilation gave me back these statistics when using time :

real    240m28.323s
user    84m56.600s
sys     17m45.950s

Sorry for the previous message I found the shortcut key for sending a message by accident :-(



Dear Jeff,

Thanks for this new release.

It compiled in about 3 hours on a Athlon 1200 with 768MB of memory, I'll try to send you some detailed information on the next compile.

I'm using the athlon optimizations for GCC 3.2. After compilation I've got 407MB of software. It might be time to update the webpage slightly as we are now 180MB above the 225MB advertised there. I'm still enjoying this great gnome development even after the 10th recompile sinceI've started using garnome just to keep up with the various releases and improvements you've made to this package :-)

Thanks and keep e'm coming


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