re: Panel

> nothing seems to save, i.e. each time i start, i
> get a message "no panel was found" and a panel is created.
> The panel main menu has no icons until i reset it with its
> configuration, allowing icons in the panel. 

This is a problem with gconf2, as installed by GARNOME 0.10.1. The
$(prefix)/etc/gconf/2/path file contains only two config database entries,
and both are marked as "readonly". The first one contains mandatory
settings; the second contains default settings. You want to insert between
those two entries:

include "$(HOME)/.gconf.path"

This creates the proper reference to your personal configuration
database. It also gives you a writeable database. If you are upgrading
from a previous GNOME2/GARNOME installation, this will recover your
previous settings as well.

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