Re: How can i swith to metacity????

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> > > Q....How can i use matacity???
> > 
> > killall sawfish ; sleep 1 ; metacity &
> Thanx! It worked, but failed after close any whindow and i cannot run any wm and access my keyboard :)
> So i swithed back to sawfish...and asking myself why it is happening...Why??
> And i couldnt u?? :)

If you do this from a terminal window inside gnome2 and then press the
close button of the terminal is also kills its childs and so kills
metacity with it.
It shouldn't do this if you type 'exit' in the terminal instead.

Als check if metacity has told the session-manager it needs to be
respawned. I needed to set the respawn myself. After this I did a logout
and saved the session, so on next login metacity is started instead of
You can set the respawn on metacity using 'Applications/Desktop
Preferences/Advanced/Session Properties'.


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