Re: nautilus ? with gnome 2.0 final

i have the same problem with nautilus, also nautilus shows the html source code of html pages

if i do what you suggest, will gnome1.4 still run ?
(ok gnome will , but nautilus 1.06?)

i do not want to kill my current (super running) gnome enviroment unless all apps I use ar ported.


Sam Steele wrote:

Make sure you don't have old versions of libnautilus etc. laying around
from a 1.x install.  That was causing those problems for me when I was
building with garnome.  I finally just removed the old nautilus and
everything works great.  Haven't updated to 0.12 yet though, I'll check
that out when I get home.

with the RC1 everything was fine, now after using garnome 12.0, when i
open up my "home folder" the notes sidebar and history sidebar crash
"unexpectedly" and when i try to restart them, the icons flash on the
side  of the window and disappear and the same crash box comes up....
These  worked in RC1...what happened????


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