[gamin] gamin use of cpu with kubuntu

I am running kubuntu 5.04 and found it comes with gamin attached.  I'm 
not sure what gamin is supposed to do.

What it does, in my installation, is gradually take up more and more cpu 
time until after a few days of running it is using 95 to 98% of cpu as 
shown by top.  This greatly cuts down on the speed of my computer.  

I can stop it with 'kill xxxxx'  and the usage goes way down to less 
than 1%, but in a few days it is back hogging 95% of the cpu time.  
Since I never shut my machine down, this is bothersome.

So my questions are: 
1) Can I remove gamin from my machine? and 
2) Why should I not remove it?

Conceivably, this is a kubuntu bug, but my guess is it's gamin.

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