[gamin] gamin distributed NFS support

I'm new to gamin and fam, but need such a program to monitor the maildirs on an nfs-mounted volume. The problem is that the changes to the remote filesystem are not everytime made locally. So the kernel notification to the gamin daemon cannot work because gamin is running locally and the kernel notification is only at the nfs storage server.

In detail I've got a mail cluster using nfs storage with about 10k active users. The MTA/MDA hosts save mails in the maildirs of my users. Now the requirement is that the IMAP servers (running on other machines than the MTAs) should get information about remote file additions on their NFS-mounted maildirs. This is to have support for the IDLE extension of IMAP.

To poll the opened folders every $intervall second is too expensive - it would be great just to get the realtime information exactly when the filesystem is modified.

My question is (because I know there are other people needing exactly the same) if it would be hard to build a server-client relationship between to gamin-daemons. The client would act as a normal gamin daemon on the one host but has also capabilities to have a efficient look at nfs-made changes because the server-gamin reports every modification instantly.

Am I going crazy or does it sound (despite of my english ;-)) reasonable?

Hoping to get response,

Moritz Augustin
Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

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