Re: [gamin] questions about gamin

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 11:53:05AM -0400, Sean Rae wrote:
> With that said, I am seeking something similar to FAM that will span
> multiple OS's and will use whatever event system each OS provides.
> >From my quick search of the gamin website and mailing list, it appears
> that gamin will use inotify/dnotify/polling on Linux, kqueue, and
> something else on NetBSD.  So, I have a few questions, if someone
> doesn't mind spending a moment answering them:
> 1. On other systems, e.g. OpenBSD, where there might only be support
> for user-space polling, will the time-out be configurable through
> gamin?

  I think it should

> 2. Is there any kind of effort to integrate gamin (or inotify) into
> other servers that you are aware of?  I would be interested to hear
> about their experiences...

  no idea

> 3. Is recursive notifcation supported?  For example, I want to


> 4. It seems that some of the developers (specifically, the guy that
> did the big inotify backend patch) seems to think gamin is only
> applicable for desktop usage.  Should I take from this that gamin is
> not going to be a good fit for some reason?

  you should ask him why he said so. Maybe you take that out of context.


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