[gamin] Recursiveley monitoring large collections

Hi folks,
  First of all, apologies for asking what seems like a
FAQ, but searching the list archives doesn't seem to
be working for me.

I'm interested in using gamin for monitoring large
(currently 55000 files, across xxxx directories)
collections of files on a network server.

I've experiment with my own code, hacked from the SGI
docs, and with the 'fileschanged' app, but can't seem
to get consistent results.  I've tried with
FAMNoExists(&rc) but still get some suprising results
(not even consistent enough to report on at this

This may well be may own code being rubbish, so
basically I'm wondering whether you think this is a
sensible goal, and if so if anyone has any pointers!

Shez :)

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