[gamin] FileSystems


So, Today I've been working on having per-file system preferences.
Currently there are only 2 preferences, monitor type (KERNEL/POLL/NONE),
and the poll timeout. So,  we can say NFS fs's should be polled every 5
seconds, and ext3 fs's should use a kernel monitor and poll every 1
second. The infrastructure is complete, and gamin now keeps a data
structure in sync with /etc/mtab, and there are some default filesystems
preferences (Which could easily be extended in the .gaminrc).

Now, I'm looking into how to cleanly enforce these preferences in gamin.
I'm starting to think that we need to refactor the poll code so that
poll state is kept in a file system mount structure. This way we could
install a timer for each file system's poll rate. Daniel, what do you


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