[gamin] FAMStartExecuting FAMStopExecuting on Fedora Core 3



First, just to tell you that today I noticed version 0.1.2 out there, yet I am writing about my observations on version 0.1.1.


Anyway, compiled version 0.1.1 from source on a Fedora Core 3 x86 machine, where the kernel was not inotify-patched.  Downloaded gamin-0.1.1.tar.gz from http://www.gnome.org/~veillard/gamin/sources/.  


Found on a “make check” that all scenarios worked O.K., but it seemed that none produced executables that tested FAMStartExecuting or FAMStopExecuting events.  So I wrappered Gamin with my own code.  Here are the results:


The following events were reported:







The following events were NOT reported:




While Gamin was watching the relevant directory, I attempted to trigger the two execution events, listed above, on the command line by executing scripts and binaries.   Testing was done under the bash shell.


Question:  Are these problems known to occur?  I could not find a bug report about them on Bugzilla.


Question:   Are these problems eradicated in version 0.1.2?  If so, should I install from the rpm:   gamin-0.1.2-1.FC3.src.rpm? Or from gamin-0.1.2.tar.gz


Question:  Is it necessary to install inotify and effect the kernel patches to make Gamin work as advertised?


Note:  Also, an error occurs when FAMCancelMonitor() is executed against a registered file/directory.  Why?  Is this a bug?




Mark Mason

Senior Software Engineer

General Dynamics

Advanced Information Systems



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