Re: [gamin] More inotify events?

 I researched this a bit for a similar app.

There's a handy C util out there that uses fam/gamin called 'fileschanged'; I 
don't have the url handy but google will find it.

It allows you to specify what command you want executed when events are 

You can also tell it not to do anything until there's been a gap of x seconds 
without an event on the same file, to save you lanching 50 copies when you 
get 50 file modified events for the same file.

If you want to do better than that, just use Inotify directly, there's perl 
and python modules for it, although typically I'm using php my app, and so 
ended up using perl sending messages to php *sigh*.


On Friday 25 November 2005 17:24, Jan Trmal wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently trying to use gamin with inotify in automatical file
> conversion project. Idea is following: I have a deamon using gamin to
> monitor a directory. When user copies a file (for example msword document)
> into that directory, an configured filter is called and the file is
> converted to another format (txt document, for example).
> But I'm unable to get when the file copying is finished to start the filter
> :( I get GamCreated event and then several GamChanged events. I've looked
> into inotify documentation and inotify does support events IN_CLOSE_WRITE a
> IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE (among others).
> Are here any plans to extend gamin event interface to include more inotify
> events?  Is here any other way to get these events from python wrapper?
> Thanks
>   Yenda
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