Re: gnome-games tango application icons

It's coming along nicely. I have made changes to many of the icons the list had problems with, and I am creating 32x32 versions for the gnome-menu (so that they dont look squished anymore).

Tonight I will send the icons that are definitely finished and ready to go, and I will send the rest of the icons as I finish them.

Also, if you give me a deadline, I will do my best to have them done by then.


On 7/11/06, Jason D. Clinton < me jasonclinton com> wrote:
On Sun, 2006-07-02 at 13:13 -0400, Daniel Derozier wrote:
> I didn't really intend for you to use the SVG in the project, I just
> included them as source. If you intend to ship the SVG files, then I
> will definitely clean them up.

What is the status of your work? I would really like to include these for the beta 1 release of gnome-games.

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