Re: Aisleriot: Bug 323818 - Recent Games

David Stahl said:
> Hello all,
> I was browsing the bugs looking for one easy enough to get started
> with and I was thinking that this might be a good first project for
> me.
> I wanted to ask (before I began) if anyone is looking at this currently?

Feel free to work on this, though it's not necessarily a good first
project... to do it, you'll have to learn more than most GNOME hackers
already know using GtkActions and GtkUIManager.

> Also, does anyone with more familiarity have any suggestions for where
> to start with regard to storing/retrieving the most recently used
> games? I'm not sure if there's a standard gnome way to track these
> things (gconf, dot-files in $HOME etc...).
> I'm happy for any and all input and suggestions. I've submitted a few
> minor patches to GNOME/OpenSource projects in the past,but nothing
> major so don't feel like you're talking down to me. I'm glad to have
> the advice :)

Use gconf... Every game in the package uses gconf, so just borrow from
those examples.

The menu will be a little bit harder, look at code behind the puzzle menu
items in Klotski, the options menus in Aisleriot, and Gtk+ API docs....
The document about migrating to GtkAction in Gtk+'s API docs is a very
useful introduction.

-Richard Hoelscher

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