Re: gnome-games tango application icons

Daniel Derozier said:
> There was some discussion on Tango-Artists about what metaphor to use for
> minesweeper, and it was decided that either a bomb or an icon like
> microsoft's minesweeper would be best. Since I didn't want to copy
> microsoft's metaphor, I used a bomb. If you'd rather, I can use the spiky
> mine metaphor that microsoft uses.

I suggest going for the in-game style of mine. The style of mines with
conic spikes can be quite menacing, but are a poor reflection of
underwater mines. We've even got a bug discussing that, #132141.

> No offense, but Klotski is an extremely abstract game.  If you or anyone
> else can come up with a good metaphor to represent "Klotski" (a game that,
> unlike Tetris for example, nobody knows what it is until they play it for
> the first time) by all means tell me. The metaphor I used is no better or
> worse than the current icon.

Meh, it's just a sliding block puzzle. In that way, your tango icons are a
little worse, but not by much. The old icon referred to a puzzle
(actually, a unsolvable splash screen) we no longer ship.

>> Blackjack is sometimes also known as 21, showing two cards with that sum
>> would make a more distinctive and recognisable icon.  Your proposed
>> Freecell and blackjack icons are very similar to each other
>> (interchangable might better describe what I'm trying to say) and not as
>> distinctive as the older icons.  Could the colours of the existing card
>> game icons be adjusted to fit the Tango palette?
> I am confused; my blackjack icon is a black spade and a red heart over a
> green card table with chips in the background. The icons that are similar
> are the freecell and aisleriot icons, and those icons are simply the old
> icons updated in the tango style, with no changes.

He's just saying that Ace + Face Card == Blackjack. Instead, your icon
could honestly be used for any multiplayer gambling card game.

>> The Tetravex icon is lopsided, it doesn't fit it in with the consistent
>> angles I thought Tango icons are supposed to have.
>  I thought that turning the icon to the side would make it more
> interesting
> than just sitting straight.

I like it more, but see nor benefit in highlighting the number #9.

-Richard Hoelscher

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