gnome-games 2.12.0

gnome-games 2.12.0

Here it is! The shiny new stable release of gnome-games.

Those of you following the testing releases will only notice two
changes: The handling of mouse movement with the buttons down in Mines
has been improved and the French docs for Aisleriot are all installed

For those of you who like your software bug-free, this is what has changed:

 - Lots of UI tweaks, thanks to Dennis Cranston tireless attention to detail.
 - Slightly better UI for network games.
 - Better use of stock items for menus and toolbars.

 - Stacks of cards that run off the bottom of the screen are squeezed
   up to make them fit.
 - Cards you can drop other cards onto are hilighted (Vincent Povirk did
   all the hard work for this one).
 - Three new games: Backbone, Carpet and Triple Peaks.
 - Double clicking foundation cards triggers auto-move, very useful for
   finishing up games like Klondike (not universally supported).
 - Fullscreen mode.

Four in a Row:
 - Nice (SVG) default graphics from Alan Horkan.
 - A new game starts the moment the program is launched.

 - Now uses the new high scores dialog.

 - Starts a new game the moment the program starts.
 - Removed the clock - it was useless.

 - If you click on a second tile and it doesn't match the first we now
   select that one as the new first tile rather than telling you off.
 - Fullscreen mode.
 - Display the current game in the title bar.

 - Using the left button on a cleared square is now like using the middle
   button. This makes the game a lot easier for those with an awkward middle
   button. All the old buttons still work, so no one should be disadvantaged.
 - The first click is now guaranteed to clear a useful number of squares:
   no more clicking randomly to find a gap.
 - When you click on a mine you now get an explosion.

 - Remove the specialised key sets. The left-hand key set only worked with
   US keyboards and anyone who is old school enough to use the traditional
   keys knows how to customise them.

 - A "Fast Animation" mode for the impatient.
 - Better grid and background colours.

 - The level you last played is remembered properly.
 - Remove all the scrolling options and replace it with one good scrolling

 - The word "Yahtzee" has been completely eliminated so there is absolutely
   no chance of a trademark dispute.

 - Tiles get hilighted on mouse-over: just like any other widget.

Lots of people contributed to this release:

Callum McKenzie
Richard Hoelscher
Vincent Povirk
Dennis Cranston
Alan Horkan
Peter Moulder
Clytie Siddall

and all the other people who reported bugs and provided patches and
gave generous feedback but for whom my record keeping has failed
miserably to keep track of.

And also, of course, the translation team.

You can get it from:

and the mirrors.

 - Callum

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