Re: Playing card deck installer

roach said:
> I'm trying to work on a playing card deck installer. Can you, please, give
> me information about the following:
> - Background history, artist and contact details for the Aisleriot and
> Bonded cardset.

"Aisleriot": Aisleriot itself has not used this theme for a long time, it
only ships with PySol. The face cards in this theme look like 2-color
chess pieces for King, Queen, and Bishop.

"Bonded": I don't know the history for this one either, though JRB might.

> - Whether there is any capability in gnome-games for individual playing
> cards and tiles?


> - What parameters are needed to get individual cards out of gnome-games?

At the moment, since the cards are in a single theme file, laid out in 13
columns and 5 rows, you just need to do some elementary math to pull out
the pixels you want from a rendered card set.

> Unfortunately I don't know any programming languages. I've managed to get
> quiet far just using a collection of bash scripts to convert and symlink
> cards to their expected location for the different games I'm supporting.

Again, modern Aisleriot only uses a single image for the entire theme,
rather than a collection of images like Pysol. Eventually, Aisleriot will
probably make it easier to support themes without modifying the system,
loading them automatically from a user's theme directory under their home.

> I want to get it to the point were you can specify your favourite card
> deck once and have it show up in all your installed card games.

And this is the heart of the matter. I don't know how and if PySol and
KPat are different regarding themes, but since Aisleriot themes are
completely different, what you want to do simply can't be done.

-Richard Hoelscher

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