Re: aisleriot: removal of seeds

On Sun, October 16, 2005 5:34 pm, Karl Chen said:
> I'm on a useless mission to play aisleriot games sequentially.  I
> patched an older version of gnome-games to call external helper
> programs to select and record seeds; unfortunately that stopped
> working when I upgraded the gnome-games package because of changed
> data files.
> If I polished this patch would you consider installing it?  I will
> make sure that regular UI is unaffected; only command-line options
> will enable it.
If it is simple, straight-forward and invisible to anyone but "expert
users" then I will probably be happy to include it. By the way, posting
the patch as a bug to Bugzilla is the best way to make sure it isn't lost.

Be warned that your plan can still come unstuck if glib ever changes the
way it generates random numbers. This happened between versions 1.4 and

 - Callum

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