Re: couldn't kill

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 18:18 +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:
> I was experimenting and I ran without knowing what it was
> exactly.  (I've since foudn it is part of gnome-games and is a helper for
> running network games.)
> I was surprised that Ctrl+C and Ctrl+D both failed to force quit the
> program (instead a logged in to another terminal and used top to kill it).
> Is that behaviour to be expected or is it likely to be some other oddity
> in my setup?
The "expected" behaviour is that you never run it manually :). Looking
at the code nothing appears to be explicitly ignoring the break signal,
it looks like a side-effect of other behaviour.

File a bug. It's low priority, but it should be looked at (you can make
it high priority if you want, but it means I will drop one of your other
bugs to work on it).

 - Callum

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